A Comprehensive MFG Plan

Manufacturing requires a comprehensive effort on three levels.

National Level

The national level (tariffs can be utilized as a tool to bring back just enough manufacturing (5%is all we need) to get all of American back in good paying jobs.

State Level

The state level (the costs of social insurances are driving employers to hire people as subcontractors or to not hire at all).

    • Health Care Benefits. In 2009 our premium for each family was $1550.00, which is $9 per hour, $4.50 to the employee and $4.50 to the employer. This explains why none of our employees take family coverage.
    • Unemployment Compensation. Disgruntled employees walk off the job and the Department of Employment continually finds the employer guilty of dismissing the employee with out proper cause. The ex-employee is granted benefits, the employer’s is tax rate is increased and the employer must hire a new person to do that job.
    • Worker Compensation: We have had 2 claims, one was significant and an honest accident. In the second claim, the employee work for us less than 1 hour. This was a $20,000.00 for a cut on the thumb that went down to the bone but not into the bone, (supposedly possible nerve damage). Due to these two claims we lost our 20% discount and now pay a 30%surcharge.

Local Level

The local level (Education: preparing young persons for the workforce). High school graduate and non graduates are not prepared for the work forced and do not possess the self discipline or confidence required to maintain steady employment.

This manufacturing plan does not require stimulus funds.